Abel’s Hospital Stay

Abel ended up in hospital for two nights this week :( He had an ear infection earlier in the month and after a course of antibiotics the obvious signs of infection went away. However, he didn’t seem 100%. He was fine and bouncing around one day and then lethargic and lacking appetite the next. On Wednesday I got a call from school to come and get him, he had been sent to the sick bay and had fallen asleep by 11:30 am. By the time I collected him his left ear was sticking out and it was all red and swollen behind his ear. I made an appointment at the doctor for the following morning. The doctor decided to send us into the hospital since they would have the equipment to make a better diagnosis. I threw some pjs in the car just in case and headed in with Abel. After a good look the doctor said he needed to be admitted so that antibiotics could be administered by iv. The iv was pretty stressful getting it in because they couldn’t seem to get it in. Apparently Abel has veins with lots of valves which makes it difficult. After four separate tries and 5 different people sticking needles in him they finally got it in. Luckily Abel was a little trooper and was a very good patient. Luckily by the next morning it was obvious the antibiotics were helping because otherwise it would have meant an operation to drain the fluid from his middle ear.

Abel quite enjoyed his hospital stay. He had 1:1 time with me which is something he definitely enjoys. They had a great activity room with craft supplies, toys, games and a very high adult to child ratio which also suits Abel :) Also when we arrived our nurse showed us the freezer with ice blocks and ice creams which the kids could have whenever they wanted.

On Friday afternoon we were allowed out for a walk so Abel and I had a bit of fresh air in the gardens, fed the ducks and checked out the museum. Abel had fun taking photos at the museum (I have included a couple of them!) and I treated him to a fluffy penguin stuffed toy.

Very nice to be home though, looking forward to a decent sleep tonight- hospitals are not for good uninterrupted sleep!!

A Abel hospital 2 A Abel hospital 3 A Abel hospital A hospital 4