Akaroa Weekend

We had a lovely weekend away to Akaroa. So nice to get away for a few days! We were extremely lucky with beautiful weather. We stayed in a very cute little house called “Coastal Retreat.” It was just out of Akaroa and surrounded by native bush with sea views. Perfect for our little family since there was plenty of exploring to do outside as well as spiral staircase. Eben thought the ’round stairs’ were put there cause the kids like them. The boys and I went for a run down to the Marae at the end of the road and stopped for a spot of climbing on the way home. We had a nice little trip to Okains Bay on Saturday morning and have put it top of our list for summer camping trips. Great spot. Everyone was very happy climbing rocks, exploring a cave, drawing in the sand and searching for treasures. We could easily have spent the day there but eventually hungry tummies meant we headed back over the hill for fish and chips on the beach and more exploring of the beaches at Akaroa. This morning we went on a little bush walk, had lunch at a restaurant where the kids could play on the next door playground while we waited for food and then the kids had a very happy time searching for crabs. Again they could easily have spent the rest of the day looking under rocks and playing in the sand but at some point we had to reluctantly round them up to head for home. We also played several board games including a new one called Katan which was very popular. Great trips, we are looking forward to planning our next family get away!












3 thoughts on “Akaroa Weekend

  1. Diane

    What a lovely place to stay. I can see why Eben would like the spiral staircase. Beautiful views and beach. Lovely photos with the blue sky. Great.

  2. Nama

    Fun! Really like that area, pictures are fantastic…hope you all have a wonderful school break. Great swimming videos too! Hugs to the kids.

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