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Bits and Pieces

IMG_20170708_122144 A walk in McHugh’s Forest near Darfield after the boys rippa rubgy gameIMG_20170708_121503 IMG_20170708_115431 IMG_20170708_102015 IMG_20170704_102938 IMG_20170617_160308 Isla and Freya got matching outfits before Isabel and Juliet’s ballet concert a few weeks ago. IMG_20170612_145634 Eben working hard to make a card for CalebIMG_20170612_145648 IMG_20170606_114031 Visit with Kayden to Arion Farm a few weeks ago. IMG_20170606_111103


A few recent pictures of Isla.

Isla is playing netball again this year. I am coaching her team. She doesn’t seem to have much of a competitive instinct for the game and is there to have fun with her friends.


Nama (Mary) has been sending the kids really fun art and science kits. This was one of Isla’s latest ones on painting using sumi-e ink and a bamboo brush. She really enjoyed doing this one and created some really nice pieces.


IMG_20170520_154104 (1)Here she is starting her panda

We had the school fun run the other day. I was very proud of Isla who really ran her best and tried hard. She ended up being fourth year four girl home which was a great effort.
IMG_20170516_135412 Isla made herself a crown out of tinsel and then dressed herself up as the Ice Queen. She wanted me to take the photo for Nama. IMG_20170509_180606 IMG_20170509_180602

Abel’s money saving

Abel has had a piggy bank since he started school. He has been saving all his coins in it for a while now. He put every cent he made selling feijoas (they ended up making over $30 each) plus all the pocket money he has been given for the last few months (we give them $2 per week when we remember). The other morning before school he was in a grump and decided it was time to break open his piggy bank. Then after shaking all the coins out and sorting them out we started counting them. It turned out he has saved $104.40! Huge money for Abel, definitely restored his good humour yesterday morning :) Today he was chomping at the bit to go and choose some nexo knight lego. So I took him over to the Warehouse this afternoon where they were conveniently having a 20% off lego sale and he chose himself a set. He still has $21 left over so he is very happy. He started building and has lots more building to do.

IMG_20170527_153504 IMG_20170527_145822 IMG_20170527_144114