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Isla Ballet Exam

Isla has had a hard year at ballet. At the start of the year her teacher moved her up a grade into grade four. This was a huge jump from grade 2 to 4. She had a lot of exercises to learn in a short time and did really well to learn them all. She came out of her exam not feeling too confident but adamant she wants to continue learning ballet next year. I took her out to lunch afterwards in a very nice little cafe in Springston, she enjoyed a well deserved treat!

This is what Isla looked like earlier in the week!

IMG_20171011_085442 IMG_20171012_111130 IMG_20171012_111139 IMG_20171012_111521 IMG_20171012_124347 IMG_20171012_131633 Isla with her chocolate lipsIMG_20171012_132821


The kids and I headed down South to Riverton for the first week of the school holidays. We had a great time. Three years in a row now we have been lucky with beautiful weather. The kids had fun playing on the beach and we caught up with a few friends and family.

22290440_10156649161717067_908313021_n 22290241_10156649160537067_1356793922_n IMG_20171005_103652 No it wasn’t actually warm enough for swimming togs!IMG_20171005_094842 Playing the classic game of stop the tide destroying the sand castle. The tide wonIMG_20171004_144030 One of Eben’s highlights getting a ride on the motorbike at Jeannie and Scotty’s. IMG_20171004_131257 Time with cousin CharlieIMG_20171003_190610 IMG_20171001_122154 IMG_20171001_100111 Trying to take some photos of the four of us, I kept closing my eyes for some reason, should have kept my sunglasses on!IMG_20171001_095638 IMG_20171001_095604 IMG_20171001_095531 IMG_20170930_150926 The kids went through lots of sets of clothes since all trips to the beach ended in wet, sandy clothes!IMG_20170930_101433 A pile of treasures from a trip to the beachIMG_20170930_100741 The boys contemplating the wavesIMG_20170930_100502 IMG_20170930_092420 IMG_20170929_163741 IMG_20170929_115955 IMG_20170929_115930 Feeding lambs with Hugo at Rod and Louise’sIMG_20170929_090319Moreraki boulders on the way down South

Book Week

This week was book week. The kids dressed up as a book character on Friday for school. Isla wanted to go as little red riding hood and put together her whole costume, including making herself a red riding hood cape. She did a great job. Paul had previously dressed up in a red sheet for a costume so we re-purposed that. She even made herself some baking to go in her basket and made her lunch to go in the basket. IMG_20170913_151550 (1) IMG_20170913_152041 (1) IMG_20170913_175537 (1) IMG_20170915_083947 IMG_20170915_084050 IMG_20170915_084445 IMG_20170913_175537

Abel went as Wally from Where’s Wally? He was very excited about his costume too. I found a white hat at a second hand store and added some stripes and we made him some black glasses out of pipe cleaners. Abel ended up winning a prize for best dressed and go a $10 voucher to spend at the book fare.