Bits and Pieces

IMG_20170708_122144 A walk in McHugh’s Forest near Darfield after the boys rippa rubgy gameIMG_20170708_121503 IMG_20170708_115431 IMG_20170708_102015 IMG_20170704_102938 IMG_20170617_160308 Isla and Freya got matching outfits before Isabel and Juliet’s ballet concert a few weeks ago. IMG_20170612_145634 Eben working hard to make a card for CalebIMG_20170612_145648 IMG_20170606_114031 Visit with Kayden to Arion Farm a few weeks ago. IMG_20170606_111103

2 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Diane

    Great photos of your walk near Darfield. Did Eben get the player of the day. Cute matching outfits on Isla and Freya. Keep up that great writing Eban.

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