Busy Week!

We have had all sorts of things going on this week. On Wednesday last week Eben slipped on a couch cushion and rolled his ankle. He made a big fuss, didn’t want yoghurt so we knew he was genuinely hurt. He still was able to wave his toes and move his foot so we figured it would come right. But today I took him to the Doctor since he was still unable to walk on it. We are getting sent for an x-ray tomorrow morning :( I will update once I know what is going on with it. We are feeling very guilty we left it so long to have him checked out.

Paul had an interview today for a job he is excited about. He was also offered more work at one of the other places he works for which he is also excited about. So things are going well with his work.

Today I got a call from a local primary school offering me two days a week starting in a few weeks until the end of term. Great news, since part time but regular work is just what I would like. Two classes, a year one and a year three. It is also on the two days I have Eben in preschool so it won’t mean any more days away from him so it is a great deal. Looking forward to meeting the classes.

Abel has a new favourite activity. He has been enjoying dancing around the house to ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ while CLEANING. Yes, no joke. Today by the time I got home from school he already had his music on and was tidying the living room and using the carpet sweeper to clean the carpet (the vacuum is too noisy he has found!).

UPDATE: Eben’s ankle is fine. We had his ankle x-rayed and there was no break. Then we had to have a follow up appointment at the Doctors and he still wanted us to go to the hospital to see if there was something else going on, maybe ligament. We then waited ages and another doctor gave it a good wiggle and said he thought it was fine. Eben walked the best he has since it happened for that doctor so  I think it is coming right finally. They gave him a ‘magic’ bandage and he could miraculously stand on his sore foot with all his weight.  So a fairly boring day for us but a good outcome. Eben was exceptionally good through many hours of waiting and having his ankle prodded and poked.


2 thoughts on “Busy Week!

  1. Rachel Tougas

    Awww, sweet Eben! I’m so happy its not broken, but ouch! Can’t stop this feeling that the Abel update will have me smiling all day! (like what I did there?) Please take a video! <3
    Sending you all Love!

  2. Leanne Weaver

    Glad Eben is okay. Don’t feel guilty waiting, I’ve done it a few times and it’s been okay, once not though – Bryce had broken his foot. More than a few times ankles have had elastic bandages put on to keep swelling down. Does your cleaner do house calls??? Would love to see it too.

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