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Back to School!

It was the first proper day back to school for everyone yesterday. Isla has moved into a year 4-6 class with a new teacher. Abel has moved into a year 2-3 class and Eben had his first day back to preschool. He is in for two days a week this year because my NZ teacher registration finally came through and I will be looking for a little relief work so I wanted to be available two days a week. The first days seemed to go well, fingers crossed everyone has a good year! These were taken at the end of the second day after we had been playing on the trampoline so everyone looks a little hot and sweaty. IMG_20170201_162015 IMG_20170201_161957 IMG_20170201_162005

Ice Skating

In the weekend I took the kids ice skating. We met up with all the cousins at Arctic Ice in the city. My kids had never skated before and I can only recall ice skating once before and that would have been about 30 years ago! Yikes, I must be getting old! On the way in Abel was talking about how he was going to go right to running on the ice :) I showed Eben a video of people ice skating before we left home and he told me he would hold my hand so I wouldn’t be scared. As soon as we walked in to the ice rink Eben changed his mind about this whole skating thing and said he didn’t want to do it. I got him to come out on the ice with me briefly, but since it was my first time on skates in years it wasn’t very successful since I didn’t feel confident holding him by both hands. Luckily Janet suggested he go with her for a jelly bean. Naturally Eben was swayed by food and did a round with her and seemed to have pretty good balance on skates. But after that he was content just watching and playing with cousins. He said afterwards it was fun and he wants to go again!

Abel found ice skating was much harder than he had expected. I was very pleased with him though because he kept at it. His gloves ended up wet by the end from the number of times he fell over but he kept working at it. By the end of the two hours he was crossing the ice without holding onto anything.

Isla also was a little timid initially but I was very proud of her too. She edged her way around lots of time, then progressed to holding my hand (still keeping that edge nice and handy though just in case!) and by the end she was moving on the ice without holding on to anything.

Very pleased with how they really kept at it and didn’t give up even though it was hard. I got these not very good photos but better than nothing? Maybe? Maybe not!

K ice skating 2 K ice skating 3 K ice skating 4 K ice skating

Abel’s Hospital Stay

Abel ended up in hospital for two nights this week :( He had an ear infection earlier in the month and after a course of antibiotics the obvious signs of infection went away. However, he didn’t seem 100%. He was fine and bouncing around one day and then lethargic and lacking appetite the next. On Wednesday I got a call from school to come and get him, he had been sent to the sick bay and had fallen asleep by 11:30 am. By the time I collected him his left ear was sticking out and it was all red and swollen behind his ear. I made an appointment at the doctor for the following morning. The doctor decided to send us into the hospital since they would have the equipment to make a better diagnosis. I threw some pjs in the car just in case and headed in with Abel. After a good look the doctor said he needed to be admitted so that antibiotics could be administered by iv. The iv was pretty stressful getting it in because they couldn’t seem to get it in. Apparently Abel has veins with lots of valves which makes it difficult. After four separate tries and 5 different people sticking needles in him they finally got it in. Luckily Abel was a little trooper and was a very good patient. Luckily by the next morning it was obvious the antibiotics were helping because otherwise it would have meant an operation to drain the fluid from his middle ear.

Abel quite enjoyed his hospital stay. He had 1:1 time with me which is something he definitely enjoys. They had a great activity room with craft supplies, toys, games and a very high adult to child ratio which also suits Abel :) Also when we arrived our nurse showed us the freezer with ice blocks and ice creams which the kids could have whenever they wanted.

On Friday afternoon we were allowed out for a walk so Abel and I had a bit of fresh air in the gardens, fed the ducks and checked out the museum. Abel had fun taking photos at the museum (I have included a couple of them!) and I treated him to a fluffy penguin stuffed toy.

Very nice to be home though, looking forward to a decent sleep tonight- hospitals are not for good uninterrupted sleep!!

A Abel hospital 2 A Abel hospital 3 A Abel hospital A hospital 4

Halswell Quarry

We had a rainy Sunday so a friend invited us to go for a puddle stomping walk with them and join them for lunch. We had a really nice time walking up at the Quarry in a little bit of a drizzle. Naturally Isla had everyone sliding down a muddy hill, that girl of ours still loves mud and dirt :) Eben walked all the way up the hill and back down again and he was quite proud of himself when he saw from the top how high he had climbed (did not want to smile for a photo though!). Abel enjoyed catching up with his friend Milo who is also five and they had a nice time back at the house making signs for their bedrooms about who was allowed entry.

H isla in puddle H Isla in tree H quarry walk three H quarry walk two H quarry walk