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Winter beach day

We met our friends Molly and Jerimiah and their kids Milo and Naomi for lunch and a play on the beach. A rakaia 2 Finally time to roast marshmallows! Note to self- hide marshmallows until it is time to roast them and therefore avoid hearing “Is it time for marshmallows yet?” x200A rakaia 3 Not a day for a swim! The waves were fierce!

A rakaia 4Yikes, Isla almost went in. Maybe next time she will take us seriously when we tell her to stay back, although probably not!
A rakaia 5 Eben and one of his favorite girlfriends, Naomi. A rakaia 6 A rakaia 7 I love you too Isla!

A rakaia 12The beginnings of the hut, everyone hard at work. A rakaia 8 The kids enjoying the hut they made. A rakaia 9 A rakaiaEben loves marshmallows!

A rakaia 11Abel was there too but not his usual self. He was feeling a bit unwell, poor wee guy. He perked up briefly to help with hut building but mainly just wanted to sit on my knee  (or cling to my leg as in this photo). Hopefully a good sleep tonight and he will feel better.

A rakaia 10Isla and I collected some rocks while we were there and did some rock painting when we got home.

Back to school tomorrow, fingers crossed Abel bounces out of bed tomorrow morning.

Wanaka-part 3

We had a much more uneventful trip back. We had quite a few stops so it took us a while. We left about 12:30 but didn’t get home until nearly 7pm. We stopped at the top of the Lindis Pass, in Twizel, Lake Tekapo and then in Ashburton for a Thai meal for dinner. The shots in Lake Tekapo were taken by Isla.

Lake Tekapo

G isla photo at Lake Tekapo 2 Lake TekapoG isla photo at Lake Tekapo Top of Lindis Pass (in the snow)G lindis pass Lake TekapoG tekapo 2 Lake TekapoG tekapo

Wanaka- part two

In the afternoon we went to the playground to burn off some more energy. The party went well and hopefully I will get some photos off Emily to post from that, I didn’t take any. The next morning we went back to the playground and to the lake to feed the ducks. The kids had fun trying to catch eels.

F wanaka 2 F wanaka 3 F wanaka 4 F wanaka 5 F wanaka 6 F wanaka 7 F wanaka 9 F wanaka 10 F wanaka 11 F wanaka

Wanaka- part one

We went down to Wanaka for Mum’s pensioners party. We left Friday at lunchtime. We were lucky with not too much traffic and good driving conditions. Not so lucky with car sick kids. Poor Isla was sick two times and Abel was sick once. Never fun. Saturday we went to the Wanaka maze and puzzle world with Angus and Janet and their kids. Good luck keeping track of 6 kids in a maze!! Luckily the kids mostly wanted to stay near an adult so they didn’t get lost.

Enormous Isla and tiny Paul, Abel and Eben in puzzle world

E maze 2 Kids at the mazeE maze 3 E maze 4 These five were happy to stay togetherE maze 5 This one wasn’t!E maze 6 Eben not wanting to pose for silly tourist photosE maze 7 Abel, however, saw the sign for different ways to pose with the leaning tower and wanted to do them all. E maze 8 E maze 9 E maze 10 E maze 11 E maze