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Castle Hill

For Mother’s Day we went to Castle Hill (you may notice my beautiful Mother’s Day jewellery made by Isla and Eben). We had a lovely day, beautiful views and gorgeous sunshine. The kids loved clambering over the rocks and finding caves.

C Castle hill 2 C Castle hill 3 C Castle hill 4 C Castle hill 5 C Castle hill 6 C Castle hill 7 C Castle hill 8 C Castle hill 9 C Castle hill family photo 2 C Castle hill kids 3 C Castle hill

Easter Camping!

We are just back from two nights camping over Easter. We went with two other families and had a great time! One of the families had three boys who are similar ages to our kids and the kids all played really well. Definitely keen for more camping in the future!

G camping 2 G camping 3 G camping 4 G camping 5 G camping 6 G camping 7 G camping 8 G camping 9 G camping 10 G camping 11 G camping 12 G camping

AKNZ in a new home! had outgrown it’s old home. With 12gb of pictures, 700+ posts and over 2,400 great and supportive comments it was time for a new, better, spot on the shelf. So now the site is on a Google cloud server with a lot more options. Same old look for now but I’ll get to that soon. I have too many websites at the moment!

379-logo-new-main-2I am in the second month of my new business (website in the design phase just now), an independent web development company specializing in small to medium sized eCommerce clients.

So far it’s going really well. Right off the bat I had three solid projects, (customizing the Magento store and  theme), (we are still working on getting good pictures for this one) and one site that is NSFW so I can’t show it here. I’m at a transition point where I need to market to a wider audience to get new projects but first I have to get my own sites in order.

I have just redone my personal promo site in a scrolling one page style and I’m now designing the 379Media business site. It’s hard to stop working on projects to work on this kind of own-brand stuff but it will work out for the best in the end.

I’ll keep you all updated. Until next time, onward and upward!


We have had fun with our garden this year. We have had some good vegies. Isla rolls her eyes every night while I list all the things from each meal that come from our garden! Here are a few photos of some of our spoils including a photo of three little cuties enjoying cucumber from the green house!B cucumberF brocolli

F garden 2

F garden 3

F garden