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Wanaka- part one

We went down to Wanaka for Mum’s pensioners party. We left Friday at lunchtime. We were lucky with not too much traffic and good driving conditions. Not so lucky with car sick kids. Poor Isla was sick two times and Abel was sick once. Never fun. Saturday we went to the Wanaka maze and puzzle world with Angus and Janet and their kids. Good luck keeping track of 6 kids in a maze!! Luckily the kids mostly wanted to stay near an adult so they didn’t get lost.

Enormous Isla and tiny Paul, Abel and Eben in puzzle world

E maze 2 Kids at the mazeE maze 3 E maze 4 These five were happy to stay togetherE maze 5 This one wasn’t!E maze 6 Eben not wanting to pose for silly tourist photosE maze 7 Abel, however, saw the sign for different ways to pose with the leaning tower and wanted to do them all. E maze 8 E maze 9 E maze 10 E maze 11 E maze

Castle Hill

For Mother’s Day we went to Castle Hill (you may notice my beautiful Mother’s Day jewellery made by Isla and Eben). We had a lovely day, beautiful views and gorgeous sunshine. The kids loved clambering over the rocks and finding caves.

C Castle hill 2 C Castle hill 3 C Castle hill 4 C Castle hill 5 C Castle hill 6 C Castle hill 7 C Castle hill 8 C Castle hill 9 C Castle hill family photo 2 C Castle hill kids 3 C Castle hill

Easter Camping!

We are just back from two nights camping over Easter. We went with two other families and had a great time! One of the families had three boys who are similar ages to our kids and the kids all played really well. Definitely keen for more camping in the future!

G camping 2 G camping 3 G camping 4 G camping 5 G camping 6 G camping 7 G camping 8 G camping 9 G camping 10 G camping 11 G camping 12 G camping

More Riverton photos

We were extremely lucky because we only had one rainy day during our time down at Riverton. We went for a walk in the bush at the local reserve. Perfect place to be on a rainy day since we didn’t notice the rain under the trees. There were also painted rocks hidden along the trail on one of the paths we took and the kids had fun finding them.
B walk two

B walk

Another morning we walked around at the back beach. This beach is pretty wild and you aren’t allowed to swim because the under tow is so strong. The kids had a wonderful time climbing on the rocks, finding treasures, and we made some beach art faces. A fun morning!
B walk eight

B walk five

B walk four

B walk nine

B walk seven

B walk six

B walk three