IMG_20170104_085851IMG_20170104_095400 (1) IMG_20170104_095334 (1) IMG_20170104_063817 (1)We had a fantastic trip to Hawaii! Eben in particular was very excited about going to Hawaii, especially the flight- he was really looking forward to wearing his pjs and sleeping on the plane. The flight met his expectations since he got to wear his pjs, watch tv and got given ice cream!

We stayed in a beautiful house in Kailua. There were only a few houses with acess to the beach in front of our place so we were able to spend many happy hours playing on it.

Mary and Tom had also hired paddle boards and kyacks and we had a lot of fun trying these out. Including a Tougas family race and Abel had a try at stand up paddle boarding. We definitely enjoyed the SUP boards and used them most days.

One night we went to a Luau and were all very impressed by the show, especially the hire dancing.

We took the kids mini golfing one day which they all found fun.

Abel was crazy for the card game Crazy 8s while we were in Hawaii and must have played hundreds of game while we were there.

The kids enjoyed meeting their two new cousins, Howie, Melissa and Chris’ son and Mary Joe Sarah and Joes daughter.

There was also a wonderful tide pool that they kids loved playing in. They spent hours catching little fish and finding different marine animals. One day we found a swordfish!

Another great feature of the house was a hot tub on the deck, the kids all loved this (and so did we!)

A fabulous trip, heaps of fun, looking forward to doing it again!!

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