Isla’s Birthday

Isla had her birthday on Saturday. She had her friend Ashley over for a camping sleep over. They had a great time, cooking on their hobo stoves, sleeping in the tent and lots of giggling! In the morning the kids made ‘perfumes’ from garden ingredients and then sold them to us. Isla decorated her cake this year. IMG_20171126_080340 (1) IMG_20171125_210047 IMG_20171125_194404 (1) IMG_20171125_192036 IMG_20171125_174122 (1) IMG_20171125_174039

One thought on “Isla’s Birthday

  1. Diane

    In a tent in the middle of the garden was a great place for two giggling girls for the night. May have to work on those hobo stoves to get perfectly cooked sausages tho! You can leave the cake decorating to Isla from now on. It looks great.

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