Okains Bay

IMG_20180109_073751IMG_20180109_073746IMG_20180108_184052IMG_20180108_184617IMG_20180108_183716IMG_20180108_181006IMG_20180108_171129_3IMG_20180108_170924IMG_20180108_151431IMG_20180108_150858IMG_20180108_113510IMG_20180108_101429 (1)IMG_20180108_101316IMG_20180108_100339IMG_20180106_143926IMG_20180108_150548IMG_20180109_104346_1IMG_20180109_123819IMG_20180109_125448IMG_20180109_125536IMG_20180109_132929IMG_20180109_134323IMG_20180109_135421IMG_20180109_155321We are just back from four nights camping at Okains Bay with friends. 8 adults and 13 kids made for a fun time! Okains Bay is an awesome little spot, lots of trees and a lovely safe beach for the kids to swim. Our kids all got body boards from Santa and they had a lot of fun catching (or trying to) waves! Isla is a little pro. Abel had a great time with all the boys. They spent hours drawing and discussing. Abel especially enjoyed playing with Arthur. Eben had fun with all his favourite friends.