Abel’s Birthday

Abel turned 7 last week. He woke up very happy and excited. His day started with presents and Isla made him bacon and eggs for breakfast (he gave them 10/10 and Isla has been elevated to ‘best cook in the house’) and it just went up from there! We went to the market in Lincoln and out for lunch. Abel rated his day the best day ever! He celebrated his birthday this weekend with an outing with three friends from school. Paul and Dad took four seven year olds into town to laser strike and our for a pizza dinner. They had a great time, both Paul and Dad commented on how noisy four excited boys are!

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Friday night

Our latest Friday night involved five families, with 15 children, 11 of whom were boys! The kids were great and we had a fun evening. A late night for the children since it was after 9 pm before we got home. The next morning I saw they were all lying around on the rug outside in the sun so I think we wore them out!

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Banks Peninsula Walk

I spent the weekend walking a great track on the Banks Peninsula with three friends. We had a great time! The walk was great, gorgeous scenery and views, and the accommodations were so sweet. They had done a lovely job making really quirky, cute places to stay. Along the way we also saw fur seals and had a nesting blue penguin and two chicks on our deck on the second night. We also got very lucky with the weather!

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