Flat Tyre :(

After school on Tuesday we popped down to the library so the children could choose some new books. It was supposed to be a quick, little trip but as we left the library and pulled out across the main road we heard the distinctive sound of a flat tyre. I pulled off the road and sure enough the right front tyre was completely flat. Unfortunately we were right on the main road with very little shoulder to change it, but luckily we were right by a building that had a lot of off road parking. After much grumbling from me, and help from a passerby we managed to get it changed. So it was nice when the following morning I found these two curled up on the couch reading the new library books!

IMG_20170912_163301 IMG_20170913_065110 (1)


Springston school took the kids for an optional ski trip on Monday. We had such a great day! We were lucky with beautiful blue skies all morning and lunchtime before it clouded over later in the day. The kids had a lesson for an hour and a half in the morning and then they spent the afternoon going up the magic carpet and skiing down the bunny slope. They both did really well. Really enjoyed so we are excited to plan future ski trips. Isla was working hard on turning by the end of the day and Abel (as you can imagine) was less interested in technique and more interested in speed :) I have put up some little videos of them by the end of the day. Eben was adamant he was not going to be skiing but he had a fantastic day playing in the snow. He was exceptionally good, not a single complaint all day. When we took off his boot at the end of the day his little feet were soaking, wish he had mentioned this since I had about five spare pairs of socks! He is keen to try skiing next time. IMG_20170911_125428 IMG_20170911_120726 IMG_20170911_115650 IMG_20170911_114019 (1)IMG_20170911_112703 IMG_20170911_105606 IMG_20170911_102338

Eben’s Haircut

Eben decided it would be a good idea to cut his hair about a month ago. Unfortunately he cut it really close in several places both front and back and so Paul had to shave his head. Eben became very self conscious about his new hair style and has gone around with a hood up while out in public ever since. IMG_20170812_095405