Mum and Dad have a great little place in Portage in the Malborough Sounds. We went for 6 nights and had a fantastic time. We spent heaps of time swimming. We also went for walks on the Queen Charlotte Sounds, kayaking,, looking for fish off the wharf, and exploring different beaches and bays. The kids spent a lot of time rolling down the hill outside the house and playing with neighbouring kids. Highlights included PJ the cat (for Eben and Abel- the rest of us less keen on this noisy meower!), the fishing competition BBQ (the kids were given fizzy drink, chocolate fish, there was a lolly scramble and a bunch of kids to play with), the tennis ball races on New Years Eve and going on the ski biscuit behind a neighbours boat. Wonderful time, looking forward to the next visit!

This first one should actually be in the Nelson post. IMG_20171224_111216
IMG_20171228_080425 IMG_20171228_114414 IMG_20171228_114430 IMG_20171228_115640 IMG_20171228_115708 IMG_20171228_121123 IMG_20171228_184521 IMG_20171228_184543 IMG_20171229_182757 Poor Eben got bitten by mosquitoes and his face swelled up. Then the following day he cut his foot on an oyster shell. IMG_20171229_185115 IMG_20171230_105037 IMG_20171230_105114 IMG_20171230_105216 Isla wanted seaweed braided into her hair. IMG_20171230_130446 IMG_20171230_180422 IMG_20180102_102825 IMG_20180102_103208 IMG_20180102_122325 IMG_20180102_122333

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